For Providers

Join a coalition of medical professionals united to improve the health of our community. We as Community-Rooted Providers are vital to the health of our patients, their families, and the community at large. We are an important part of the Safety Net, yet we are often not recognized as such, nor do we receive the support that other Safety Net providers do. It is critical that we as Community-Rooted Providers organize, speak with a unified voice, and ensure our survival, particularly in this era of healthcare reform.

Belonging to the Community-Rooted Provider Coalition confers many benefits to you, your practice and your community.

As a member, you receive:

  • The benefit of a collective, unified voice to leverage resources, shape policy, and advance best practices.
  • Access to membership in a think tank of professionals dedicated to the advancement of healthcare for communities of color and the under-served.
  • Advocacy on our behalf to advance the cause of Community-Rooted Providers
  • opportunities to participate in research clinical initiatives focus groups, etc., that can bring additional resources to you and your practice, and increase our impact on the health of our community
  • marketing and outreach efforts aimed at educating the public about our existence, as a group and individually
  • patient eligibility and enrollment support to ensure continuity of care
  • access to the latest policy developments affecting our practices and patients
  • inclusion in initiatives designed to educate the public about health concerns and disparities
  • belonging to a group that is increasingly establishing itself as the experts in the health of our patients
  • group negotiating power

Our efforts as a group will:

  • Empower and give a strong voice to Community-Rooted Providers
  • Preserve and safeguard providers of color committed to their communities
  • Establish us as Community-Rooted, Culturally Competent providers of choice
  • Expand and encourage new providers to be community rooted through pipeline programs
  • Ensure the seamless transition of legacy provider practices
  • Ensure our preparedness for the ACA, as well as other opportunities and mandates
  • Improve the health of our patients and eliminate health disparities among people of color and low-income communities
  • Ensure high quality, effective, state-of-the-art, evidence-based, cost effective health care delivery systems are in place to provide and optimum continuum of care to our community.